We’ve all been through that trepidatious moment where we’re visiting a new salon or a new stylist, and we’re not sure what to expect. Being prepared and knowing how to talk to your stylist will bring you a lot closer to leaving with the hairstyle you want.

We spoke to our stylist in all three of our South Edmonton hair salon locations to find out what they need from our guests to ensure they do the best job they can and leave you with the best haircut or colour treatment.

1. Knowing The Terminology

While most of our guests are very educated these days, it never hurts to have a quick rundown of commonly used terms in the hair business.

Different color terms, you should know:

All-Over Hair Color – Also known as a single process coloring. This process covers the hair in one shade.

Highlights/Lowlights – is a coloring technique that creates dimension in the hair by lightening or darkening various strands. When booking online at any of our three Edmonton locations, please note that we call this technique either partial or full foils, depending on how many strands of hair you need colored.

Balayage – is a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. This painted-on technique gives the hair a natural-looking, graduated effect.

Ombre – In Frech, Ombre means shadow, which makes sense given the gradient effect that an ombre creates. Ombre hair naturally transitions from dark roots to light ends gradually and uniformly.

Fresh Balayage Hair Edmonton Windermere Stylists
Balayage at our Windermere location

Here are some cutting terms you may find useful:

Feathering – is a texturizing technique that shapes the ends of your tresses. The result is lighter, wispy ends that reduce bulk.

Layering – This means that hair is cut in such a way that the ends of the individual strands fall to different points relative to one another. Layering gives the illusion of length and volume of the hair and is a more easy hairstyle to maintain.

Blunt – Also known as a “solid” or “heavy” cut. A blunt cut is a haircut with no layers, cut straight-across where the weight falls on the bottom of the hair. This cut is excellent for thin, fine or fragile hair.

Bob – A blunt hairstyle that ends at the chin, just below the ears. A lob is a lengthier version of this cut that reaches down to the collarbone.

Pixie – is a short haircut that is closer to the scalp. A pixie is not long enough to be considered a bob.

Fresh Haircut Edmonton Ellerslie Stylists
Haircut at our Ellerslie location

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2. Let your stylist know your hair history

During your consultation with your stylist, let them know about your previous bleach, color or chemical treatments. Our stylists can deal with almost any prior hair history, as long as they are aware of it before the process begins.

Sometimes we’ve fallen victim to the temptation of box dye color, but for your own sake, please don’t lie to your hairstylist about this. Box dye can result in your stylist misjudging your color formula and turn out in results that aren’t ideal and an expensive color correction appointment you were not hoping to have.

Something to keep in mind is what medications you’re taking, as some medicines can affect how the dye takes to your hair. The most common culprits are hormonal, chemotherapy, and thyroid medications.

3. Be open to listening to advice from your hair care professional

Your hairstylist’s goal is to make you happy and ensure that you look your best. Not only does that mean they want you to leave with the style you were looking for, but your stylist should be conscious of the health of your hair as well.

Sometimes that wild colour change you were looking for might not happen in one or two visits without compromising the health of your hair. So your stylist will call upon their experience and suggest a slower, but ultimately more gentle approach to coloring your hair that may use select products or regenerative treatments along the way.

At times, your stylist may also have suggestions regarding a cut or color you may be thinking of based on your face shape, and amount of time styling your hair.
Be sure to stay open-minded as you’re visiting an expert for a reason!

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4. Make sure to talk to your stylist about the products they are using

Do you ever try to recreate the salon look and fail? Products are a crucial component of getting that ‘just left the salon,’ look.

On average stylists use between 3 to 5 products. It pays to take an interest in what your stylist is doing when they’re busy at work on your mane.

And don’t be afraid to ask about the styling technique used on your hair, such as round brushing or curling styles. All stylists at Fresh & Co. Salons love to educate our guests to help them duplicate the same looks at home.

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5. Last but not least, If you have an exact idea in your head, your best bet is to bring a picture or two

That way, your stylist will have a visual reference to work from, much like a painter. This approach will usually ensure that you and your stylist are both on the same page.

If you have any more questions or you’d like to speak with an experienced stylist in person, feel free to visit any of our Edmonton hair salon locations by booking online or give us a call at 780-436-3377.