Welcome To Fresh & Co. Salons

Top Edmonton Hair Salon With 3 Locations

Welcome To Fresh & Co. Salons

Top Edmonton Hair Salon With 3 Locations

Discover Top Edmonton Hair Salon – Fresh & Co. Salons: Where Style Meets Expertise for Your Ultimate Hair Transformation

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Fresh & Co. Salons is a south Edmonton hair salon brand established in 2007 with a vision to create a new style of unisex hairdressing that fuses award-winning interior design, bright and welcoming atmosphere, and world-class talent to give you the hair salon experience that you deserve.

Beautiful days begin with industry-leading salon expertise. Schedule a consultation with one of our incredible stylists to discuss your goals and how we can get you there. We know that communication is key to meeting your personalized hair needs. Our stylists have trained with globally celebrated industry experts and are passionate about helping you achieve your hair goals.

Achieve your perfect hair day with the help of our expertly trained stylists. We will work with you to design a customized hair care formula that will enhance your existing style, or create an entirely fresh new look!

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