Kerastase – Blond Absolu – Cicanuit Hair Serum


Intense overnight hair serum for all blondes.


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Product Description

Blond Absolu Cicanuit Hair Serum by Kérastase, the best hair treatment for bleached hair, is an intense night hair serum perfect for all blondes, particularly those with bleached blonde hair. This overnight hair treatment nourishes and strengthens dry blonde hair while you sleep, guiding you on how to maintain blonde hair and keep it healthier.

This serum for split ends restores the hair fibre overnight. The white cream-in-gel, packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss Flower extracts, provides the right scalp hydration, aiding in hair damage repair and sensitized hair recovery.

While you sleep, the Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicanuit serum works wonders on your hair, nourishing the fibre without weighing it down and forming a protective veil on the most damaged parts of the fibre surface.

Wake up in the morning to discover your bleached hair recovered, stronger, and healthier. Frizz is controlled, split ends are healed, and breakage is reduced, making your hair soft and manageable. This overnight hair treatment results in hair that is +95% stronger* and +74% more hydrated**.

Product Benefits

✔ A lightweight serum to restore hair fibre overnight.
✔ Recovers sensitized and bleached hair throughout the night.
✔ Delivers a deep and durable hair hydration.
✔ Overnight recovery for a morning hairstyle with frizz control.

+74% Hydrated* hair
+7% Softness*
-55% Surface Damage*
+95% Stronger Hair**

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Hyaluronic Acid fills and heals fiber wounds from within for a uniform, deeply nourished cuticle. This ultra concentrated acid strengthens hair and hydrates scalp, preventing future breakage.
  • Edelweiss Flower
    Rich in anti-oxidants to protect hair against daily damage and soften sensitized hair fibers.
    Recovers and softens fibre; protects from damage by resisting any environmental change.