Maskératine is a mask for thick and unruly hair in need of smoothness and frizz management. Hair is soft and smooth with a weightless fluidity.


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Maskératine is a deep treatment mask designed for thick and unruly hair in need of smoothness. Its Morpho Kératine™ Complex coats the fibre and restores its homogeneity to provide manageability and anti-frizz protection. Once this dense, smooth and luscious gel is rinsed, hair is softer, easier to detangle and replenished so that it puts up no resistance to styling.


  • Hair is deeply treated.
  • Smoothness & softness.
  • Enhanced manageability.
  • Anti-frizz protection.
  • Softened and replenished fibre.
  • No Resistance to styling.
  • Easy detangling.
  • Speeds blowdrying