Bain Vital Dermo Calm Specifique Shampoo


This cleansing soothing shampoo moisturizes and purifies the scalp to calm irritation and inflammation. It leaves the hair with a feeling of lightness while the scalp is rid of itchiness and discomfort. Dermocalm is Hypoallergenic and silicone-free.


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A dermatologically tested formula that fights the causes of scalp itchiness and sensitivity, Bain Vital Dermo Calm removes impurities and inflammation. The scalp is left soothed and moisturized for an instant relaxing feeling. Hair regains lightness and vitality.


  • Normalises scalp imbalances.
  • The preventive solution to hair loss.
  • Activates micro-circulation.
  • Texturizes the fibre.
  • Immediate volume effect.
  • Stimulating properties – Boost hair fibre production.
  • Thicken the hair fibre.