Gommage Renovateur Chronologiste


A scalp exfoliator to treat devitalized hair before the shampoo. The scalp is purified & hair is detoxified for hair that is lightweight & revitalized.


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Soin Gommant Rénovateur is a scalp exfoliator designed as a purifying and deep cleansing solution to detoxify the scalp and fibre before the shampoo. Its unique combination of active ingredients activates and stimulates microcirculation of the scalp, boosting the shampoo’s efficacy for an immediate purifying effect and a lightweight end result.


  • Detoxifies and purifies the scalp and fibre.
  • Activates/stimulates microcirculation of the scalp.
  • Boosts shampoos efficacy.
  • Immediate purifying effect.
  • Hair feels soft & shiny.
  • Hair fibre is left with a lightweight feel.
  • Sensating of refreshed & hydrated scalp.
  • Rejuvenated scalp & hair fibre.
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