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Meet Our Team in Ellerslie


Sam - Visionary, Master Educator, Industry leader (Ellerslie Road, Rabbit Hill Road, and Windermere Way)

Quality, elegance and panache have been Sam's calling card for over 18 years' in the industry. Classically trained by Vidal Sassoon's experts, Sam is dedicated to top quality in his craft, his service, his products and his salon's image - and will never settle for less. Sam demands high standards of himself and his exceptionally talented team of expert hair designers.

As an internationally-renowned master hair designer, elite salon designer and man of style, Sam is a celebrated fashion authority. His experience as an industry educator and master judge (awarded gold medallion) demonstrates his commitment to his trade and the respect his peers have for his valued opinion. Sam's award-winning cuts and colours are distinctly refined and meticulous, and have Canada's style mavens constantly on the edge of their seats.


Amanda - Salon Coordinator

Amanda greets you with a friendly smile and openly welcomes all the guests of Fresh and Co. Salons. With a family background in the industry, Amanda has a vast knowledge and understanding of the business and the products offered at the salon. You will never have unanswered questions when Amanda is around to help you!


Brooklyn - Protégé Stylist

Brooklyn is very passionate about furthering herself as a stylist through continuous education. She enjoys the challenge of a drastic colour change or even just being able to update your colour for the season. Not only is she dedicated to ensuring she picks the perfect colour and cut for your lifestyle and personality, she will also brighten your day with her infectious humour!


Carlee - Artisan Stylist

Carlee is an exceptional young stylist who is enthusiastic about building relationships with new clients and creating a look suitable to their needs. She provides excellent customer service to her guests, promoting a relaxed atmosphere for the most rewarding client experience. She is very forward in learning new techniques and attending many classes. For Carlee, Hairdressing is not only a career, it's a passion.


Jennifer - Protégé Stylist

Jennifer recently started at Fresh & Co. after her passion for the hair and beauty industry led her to the highly esteemed M.C. College. Upon graduating, Jennifer had the honour of receiving the prestigious Frank Cairo Award, presented each year to the top student in the year's graduating class. Specializing in colour and updo’s, Jennifer’s bold, outgoing personality is consistently evident in her work. After lively conversation and precise, lavish styling, you won’t be able to leave Jennifer’s chair feeling anything but revitalized and pampered.


Jessi - Master Educator Stylist

Jessi has been extensively trained with L'Oreal Professional. With her dedication and passion for the industry, Jessi is a Lead Artistic Educator for L'Oreal Professional and specializes in colour and corrective colour without compromising the integrity of the hair. Jessi's drive for success and continual growth has opened many doors for her to work with some of the best artists and colourists in Canada and has had the opportunity to go train around Canada and the United States of American. Some notable achievements recently have been featured in the Edmonton Journal. Jessi trains to learn what is happening every season and likes to keep her guests up-to-date with the latest trends with colours, cuts and styles. Jessi will transform your hair to something that best suits you and your personality.


Jennifer - Master Stylist

Jennifer has recently joined the Fresh & Co. team along with her fabulous and incredibly loyal clientele from her numerous of years in the industry. She still welcomes new clients into her chair for a wonderful hair experience that will enhance your best qualities and features alike and enjoys cutting and colouring hair for people of all ages. Jennifer believes that high quality hair cutting is the key to feeling remarkable every day.

In particular, Jennifer loves finding a natural look that can provide a personalized and noteworthy style for everyone. However, if a change is something you are looking for Jennifer enjoys the challenge of providing a unique colour that leaves the client feeling totally refreshed and ready to take on the day!


Jessica Y - Expert Stylist

Jessica comes from an extensive hairstyling background, with over 8 years' of experience. She has trained under industry professionals from L'Oreal Professional as well as Vidal Sassoon's. In addition, she is consistently adding to her portfolio the many classes on current styles and up and coming trends. Jessica's emphasis on guest satisfaction has resulted in an ever-growing list of returning guests.


Joanna - Protégé Stylist

Joanna proudly brings her stylish, eccentric personality to Fresh & Co. with a bounty of experience and world class training under her belt. One of only 14 accepted applicants in 2013, Joanna travelled to the prestigious John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver after high school to be technically trained and to begin following her dream to work as a hairdresser. Joanna possesses the creativity and artistic ability to think outside the box, which is consistently demonstrated in the edgy, avant-garde style in which she approaches her work. Joanna strongly believes that in order to succeed you must love what you do, and she demonstrates this every day while being the living embodiment of John Casablancas Institute’s slogan, “Born to do this”.


Kayla - Expert Stylist

Kayla is an exciting and energetic hair designer. The most important priority in her hair care regime is to ensure her guests feel comfortable, aided by the knowledge that they are in good care. Kayla is supremely passionate about her career and is continually updating her knowledge of the trade by attending intensive classes in cutting and colouring. She has crafted her level of aptitude to near perfection with L'Oreal Professional and Kerastase. In Kayla's spare time she makes a firm point to closely follow the latest trends, and always works eagerly to make sure her patrons have the freshest look.


Laine - Master Stylist

Laine has a passion for the hair industry. She loves making people feel beautiful and confident about their hairstyle. She has been in the industry for 11 years. She has trained with Redken, Voilá, Wella, Sebastain, L'Oreal Professional and many others. She continues her education to keep up with this fast paced changing industry. She works with her guests to achieve the best style to suit their needs, whether it's a busy Mom or the fashionista wanting the newest trend, or a business professional. You are sure to be pleased with the experience you have with Laine.


Cayley - Master Stylist

With a fun and trendy style, Cayley believes that no one is "hair impaired", and with the right stylist, good communication and trust, beautiful hair can be achieved. Cayley is driven and dedicated to her craft with a keen eye for fashion and an honest opinion. She is ready and eager to take on any challenge! Being a North American Hairstyling Award finalist, continuing education and a passion for the industry have all made Cayley an integral member of our team. She is excited and inspired to make you look and feel fabulous!


Robyn - Master Stylist

Robyn’s belief in the pursuit of excellence has spread through all areas of her life, which is most prominently displayed in her work. After 7 years in the industry, her talent and propensity for great work is unparalleled. Her deep seeded beliefs in education and the gathering of knowledge has led her to become a certified Great Lengths, and Babe Extensions artist, as well as a chance to be a stylist at numerous charitable events. Robyn isn't all business though, she'll personally guarantee some great banter and total comfort while you are in her chair. She's always looking for new ways to grow, both personally and professionally.

Meet Our Team in our Rabbit Hill location


Katerina - Salon Coordinator


Noor - Salon Coordinator


Chiho - Expert Stylist

Chiho has been involved in the beauty industry since 2002, and she has shared her passion with people spanning the ends of the Earth, and is happy to continue to do so. Hailing from the beautiful lands of Japan, she is fluent in both Japanese, and the management of oriental hair. Chiho's strengths in beautification don't end there, she has crafted her skills as an esthetician for 9 years, and driven herself forward as a hairstylist since 2011, excelling both in style and uniqueness, while always looking to learn more. Her effervescent personality is not only exhibited by her sense of personal fashion, but it is also shown in her way of cutting, styling and colouring.


Elizabeth - Expert Stylist

Growing up in Edmonton, Elizabeth has had a passion for the beauty industry since her early teen yeras. At 14 years old she began crafting her first hairstyles, and the moment she reached highschool she immediately enrolled in cosmotology classes. Finally, in 2011 she made the decision to pursue her career professionally.

Since that decision she has been honing her skills alongside some of the best, internationally renowned stylists across the globe. Elizabeth is now an interprovincial certified, Red Seal Journeyman Hairstylist. Elizabeth specializes in enhancing your personal style through detailed cutting, defined colouring, hair repair, and brilliant styling. Her kind spirit, genuine approach, and eye for style is sure to please any guest in her chair!


Emily - Master Stylist

Emily's personal vow to herself is to be the greatest hair stylist she will ever meet. With that in mind, Emily has worked throughout her years in the beauty industry to embody all the characteristics of the perfect stylist, in order to allow her to become a complete master of the trade.

She is driven, charismatic, attentive, knowledgeable, dedicated, and most importantly, she's excited to do the best job that can possibly be done on your hair! This enigmatic fire burning within Emily is what allows her to excel at her job, and it is why you'll always leave her chair looking good and feeling great!


Jessica - Master Stylist

Jessica has always had a passion for the hair and beauty industry. Jessica graduated hair school at the Eveline Charles academy. She then continued on to work for some of Edmontons highest end salons building a clientelle. She has been licensed and in the industry for 8 years. Jessica has completed advanced ABC Vidal Sassoon cutting and colouring classes. She is also certified from the extensionist in various techniques of hair extensions including micro link, micro weave and tape ins.

What Jessica enjoys most is getting to know her clients, and listening to their needs. Understanding her client's personality and lifestlye helps to create the best results. With highly developed skills in cut, colour, and texturizing services, an appointment with Jessica is always an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


Lora - Master Stylist

Lora is the epitome of expertise; she's confident, fashionable, and stylish. With her base being in Vancouver she's had the opportunity to grow and develop with some of the best in the industry, surrounding herself by award winning stylists, and refining her skills in the city's top salons. Maintaining the public image of high profile clients such as the Vancouver Canucks is just another day in the life for Lora. She's a top professional in colour correction, styling, barbering talents, doing blondes and her work has been featured in numerous bridal magazines. If you're in need of a cutting edge virtuoso, Lora is your de facto stylist, and your best bet on looking your best.


Nerma - Expert Stylist

Nerma has had a passion for the hair industry for most of her life. Nerma believes in continual education and strives to stay at the latest trends with product knowledge and the latest techniques for cuts and colours in order to pamper her guests with excellent service each and every time. Nerma is well educated with the latest products from L'Oreal Professional; so come on in and be ready for some creativity and the style that best suits you!


Nicholette - Expert Stylist

Nicholette is one of those people that lives and breathes her work. Coming from a long line of hair stylists, Nicholette has had the chance to grow up in the industry, surrounded by everything to do with hair. As a stylist herself Nicholette has been cutting, styling, and colouring hair with tremendous ability.

Between education, and experience, Nicholette seizes every opportunity to grow, and as such her creativity and talent has skyrocketed, and continues to do so. Being in such a social setting for much of her life, with her exuberant personality, she is also known around the salon as a great conversationalist. So if you desire an excellent service pontificated by calming banter, then Nicolette is your go to stylist.


Sara - Master Stylist

Sara as proven herself as a visionary artist with clients and stylists alike. Sara exhibits a passion for grandiose styles and runway hair, and she loves recreating and sculpting polished looks ready for wear that will enhance your day the moment you leave the salon!

Sara is a graduate from the Evelyn Charles Academy, and trained under the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy, learning the most precision cutting techniques. She is also certified in different extension techniques including, weft hair, micro-links, and tape-in extensions. If you absolutely need precise and uniformed skill, you'll be in more than capable hands with Sara

Stephanie C

Stephanie C - Master Stylist

Stephanie has been in the beauty industry since 2007, where she graduated at the top of her class. Her passion for the hair industry hs grown trememdously over the years. Stephanie's greatest professional fullfilment comes from her work to ensure you're looking your best everytime you leave Fresh & Co. Salons.

She's well educated and up to date on every trend in the business, so you don't have to be in order to look good. Stephanie's driven nature has lead her to place in the top 10, in the 2010 Alberta Contessas. There she utilized her skills to create an avante-garde look inspired by life in the sea. With her practised skills and education, Stephanie looks forward to having the pleasure of new clients in her chair!

Meet Our Team in our Windermere location


Anna - Master Stylist - Instagram:@_spaziani_

She’s bright, vibrant, and fun to talk to! Anna is the stylist to come to if you want a breath of Fresh air while knowing you’re in great hands. Since her start in 1984 Anna has worn many hats within the beauty industry. She has been an educator, platform artist, editorial stylist, and a master hair designer. While she has a passion for all things hair, she absolutely loves to do work that has extraordinary, and life changing effects like make-overs, vivacious and stylized colours, unique, and trendy cuts.

Anna was also featured in Modern Salon Magazine demonstrating the fundamentals of hair, and has won many prestigious awards during her time in the industry including the top awards at Hairapalozza 2009, Battle of the Salons 2008, Total Look Competition, and the Women’s Convertible Look Competition!


Aspen - Expert Stylist - Instagram:@hairbyaspen

Aspen is a devoted and talented stylist, who is excited to build trusting relations with new guests and is committed to listening to their needs to ensure they feel extra special after every visit.

She is always up to date on the latest trends and is always up for any challenge. Aspen is committed to continuing her education to learn, grow, and succeed in the always evolving industry of hair.

Be sure to check out her instagram account, @hairbyaspen, for some great pictures of her work including before and after shots and some stellar balayages!


Christie - Master Stylist - Instagram:@hairbychristieb

Christie is very excited and eager to provide our guests the best that they deserve. Christie has been in this electrifying hair industry for 12 years.

Through continuing education such as Vidal Sassoon's, L'Oreal Professional, Redken, Wella, Bumble & Bumble, and many others, Christie exudes the highest level of quality taking into account the latest cutting-edge and contemporary styles.

She listens attentively to what the guests' needs are and successfully delivers. She is full of energy and loves to take on new challenges.


Christa - Master Stylist

Christa is a professional hair designer who has been licensed for over 13 years. She is constantly educating herself, and learning the latest trends and techniques. Christa has combined her passion for hair and travel into creating new, and trending looks for her clients.

Her personal statement is to meet, and exceed her client’s goals, and to provide quality service at the highest level. Christa has exuberant flair with colouring, and hairstyles for special ocassions. She makes sure that she understands what her clients want before she starts their service.


Gezelle - Artisan Stylist

Gezelle is dedicated to offering an exceptional experience and outcome to her guests. Both with an innate sense of style, creativity and an eye for beauty, Gezelle knows being a hair designer is her calling. She loves providing services which in the end delivers a dramatic change, whether it is a fresh colour or trendy cut.

When you come to see Gezelle at Fresh & Co, you can count not only on a contemporary new look, but also on enjoyable conversation her own fun brand of hospitality.


Irma - Master Stylist

Irma has been a designer in the hair industry for over 5 years, with her affection for the industry never faltering. Her clients value her professional input regarding her vast knowledge on the latest styles, and colours trending in the world of beauty.

Her signature style and strong fashion sense set her apart from other stylists, and embodies her clients with the confidence that they are in capable hands. Irma is also a trained specialist in hair extensions by Great Lengths hair. She has strong beliefs in education.


Krista - Master Stylist

Krista has trained and worked in some of the top salons in four different provinces over the past 15 years. She is trained extensively in L'Oreal, Redken, Aveda, Matrix and Swartzkopf. She's had the privilege to train alongside some of the top stylists in the country on a personal level.

Her dexterity and proficiency gives her the ability to create cuts, colours, and styles customers praise. She also educates her clients on how to care for and recreate your style at home. Krista's magnetic personality makes every service worth having each time.


Magda - Master Stylist

Magda has nearly a decade of experience as a stylist and colour artist. She is committed to providing her clients with extraordinary consultation and service. Magda is extensively trained in L'Oreal's colour line and application techniques. Her advanced cutting and finishing skills will ensure that you leave her chair with a fresh, modern style that you love, and her service doesn't end there! Magda will advise you on selecting the best products to meet your unique hair needs to keep your hair looking great until your next appointment.


Stephanie - Master Stylist

No task is too small, no challenge is to great, and no matter the path, the results must be extraordinary. This is the psyche that Stephanie aims to embody within her abilities in her life as a hair stylist. From her start in 2009, her rise to excellence has been meteoric, as she drives forward honing each portion of her talents exceptionally.

She has trained with prestigious lines such as L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Aveda, Kerastase and specializes in cutting, and colouring. If you absolutely need precise and uniformed skill, you'll be in more than capable hands with Stephanie.